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My name is Kevin Palley and I have been practicing law since 1991.

I started practicing with the Georgia Legal Services Program in Columbus, Georgia and in the rural areas around Columbus. I practiced collection debt defense, consumer law, and family law. It was the best job that I ever had working for someone else. I then found another legal position with another Legal Services Program and moved to Florida.  I resigned because I was afraid that I would be tight-cast with Legal Services forever if I stayed in that particular Program.

In Florida,  I worked in Inverness and Ocala, Florida with the Withlacoochee Area Legal Services Program practicing collection defense and consumer law along with family law. I resigned my position there to begin my own practice. I figured (correctly) that by only asking for some money up front and having the rest of my set fee (not hourly) paid in monthly payments, I could assist those who could not find otherwise affordable counsel and did not qualify for legal services.

In Ocala, Florida, I met my beautiful bride-to-be two weeks after her arrival in the United States. By monopolizing nearly all of her free time, she and I were married.

To further her dreams, we moved to Kentucky for her to attend medical school and I had to start my practice all over again in Lexington, Kentucky in the year 2000.

We have two children, whom we call Giggle 1 and Giggle 2. I guess when they become teenagers, we may have to re-name them Attitude 1 and Attitude 2, despite our best efforts.

In my over 20 years of practice, I have mainly focused on consumer law, specifically, defense of debt collections, including of credit cards, collection agencies, finance companies, along with foreclosure defense and bankruptcies (when there was too much debt to resolve), warranty laws, and family law.

If nothing else, I try to be conscientious and considerate to my clients while providing honest services with integrity.