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Forclosure Defenses

My house is being foreclosed, what can I do? If you have not paid on your house and are in foreclosure, there may be hope. The banks generally don’t want your home; they want your money. The problem is that they are not sure that you are going to pay. You might want to pay […]

Medical Bill Lawsuits

Help I can’t pay my medical bills and now I’m being sued. There are some defenses to these lawsuits as well, though not as many as in the other matters. The most important one that I have found is for the providers to justify the amount of the bill and for the amount not to […]


Of course, there is always the “nuclear option” of bankruptcy. The law changed October 1, 2005 making petitioning (filing) for bankruptcy more complex and difficult. For example, not only do you have to show only a minimal amount of excess income each month over your expenses, your income may not be above a certain amount […]

Credit Card Debt Defenses

Defending credit card lawsuits: “The most important point of defending these lawsuits is that it is the obligation of the creditor to prove its case to win.” There are three basic aspects in these credit card defense cases, which can be used together or separately. a. Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) This only applies to […]